Adapting solution for each of your need.

Yvan Clerc

My solid experience of Swiss Made quality standards and a vast international address book allow me to work in close collaboration with local companies and trusted partners around the world, in the service of the success of your project. 


My technical know-how is already highly appreciated
with the various partners with whom I work on a daily basis.
I offer flexible solutions
and tailor-made in connection with the watchmaking world, and in many other fields.

The strength of the network

From the specific technical piece to the mother-of-pearl cultivated in Thailand, the strength of my network allows me to work with reliable partners of which I vouch for you.
I am able to meet all your needs, whether they are already defined, or the result of joint reflection.

My expertise

I use my experience to serve your project in these areas: 

Project management


  • Find the right contacts
  • Organize tasks
  • Regular briefs
  • Multi-domain expertise
  • Transparency

Private Label Watches


  • Existing design or complete creation
  • Development of the specifications
  • Choice of components
  • Determination of the quality / price ratio
  • Swiss Made requirements

Component sourcing


  • Manufactures
  • Natural resources
  • In the whole world
  • Logistics organization
  • Planning and meeting deadlines

Bring your ideas to life

Global project management

Timeline, supply chain, assembly, and logistics management.
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Component sourcing

From the technical component in volume to its case, its POS, including the assembly.
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Implementation of Swiss Made Standards

Quality procedures for obtaining approvals. Advice on meeting standards.
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Design and manufacture of parts. Industrial designs, production of 3D prototypes.
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Technical solutions

Adapt manufacturing techniques to the product and quantities.
Use the right tools.
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Practical advice and solutions

The little very practical tips, to prove that nothing can replace them except experience ???? 
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The best, up to you

They trust me

I work daily with the biggest brands that have trusted me for years. Beyond being a real a guarantee of credibility, each project is carried out as a real human adventure.

Technical expertise

I stand at your available for all your projects, whatever they are.
You have a project in mind and you have need skills
to hatch it from the egg?
Formulate your idea, and let's see how

we can do it come together..

  • Industrial projects
  • Product development
  • Prototyping
  • Watchmaking domain or not

“Thanks to Yvan, our project was able to come to life. Thanks to its global understanding of our needs, and its global network, we are now able to produce our range of watches that we have designed, and to distribute them at an affordable price.

Contact :


Rue du Locle 28,
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds

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