Who am I ?

After a career in watchmaking, which allowed me to acquire a certain experience as well as a keen knowledge of the industrial environment, I decided to combine my skills techniques and my network to put them at the service of your projects.

The only limit,
it's yourself.

The modernization industry, the constant evolution of technology, technology, IT and digital, allow us to affirm that today,
everything is possible.
Let your imagination and creativity run wild to invent, imagine, create and design whatever you want.
Give me your ideas on paper, I will take care of transforming them in reality.
I will know you advise and help you to study all aspects of your project,
such a conductor who knows how to compose with the different instruments.
on the melody, together we will write the score to make your project THE symphony that you looks like.


When your ideas come to life ...

I offer you complete solutions to bring your ideas to life. Thanks to the cross-functionality of the different skill centers of my network, we will coordinate the different expertise necessary for the success of your project. From simple support, to setting up a complete production chain in Europe, Switzerland, or abroad, with all the related logistics, I can advise you, support you, or even take is responsible for monitoring the entire project.

If you don't have a structure, I can provide my skills in purchasing, logistics, and quality.
I can facilitate discussion with local businesses, and negotiate for you.
I can go there to audit companies, and ensure that the rules are respected. In full transparency, we can also go there together.
With or without design, I support you in the management of the project from the development of its brief to the delivery of the finished product.

Accompanied clients

Strategic partners around the world

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