Know how

I stand at your available for all your projects, whatever they are.
You have a project in mind and you have need skills to hatch it from the egg? Formulate your idea, and let's see how
we can do it come together.

Project turnkey or progressive support

Once the idea has been formulated, or the project validated, we are up against the wall. Sometimes the stopwatch did not wait for you to start. Yet find the right contacts and tie a trust it takes time, especially in some cultures, sometimes you have to start all over again along the way.

I'm here for you to accompany on this path, by making you benefit from my experience, in order to avoid getting caught in the avalanche of tasks.

Take advantage of my network and my contacts, it is the assurance of having at each link of your rope / project, a competent and trustworthy person.

This will allow you to detach yourself from the operational part, to be able to manage the daily of your job with more serenity. We will exchange information taking regular briefs in my company.

You are like Saint-Thomas, and you want to meet the stakeholders, and go to the site to ensure yourself of the good progress of the project?

No problem, it's possible, I work in all transparency with my partners.


Whether it's creating your mark through a range of watches, or to add a watch line to your brand, there are questions sine qua non at the start of the project.

I am able to handle the complete creation of the watch with its design, or to make the watch in whole or in part, based on your existing design.

My competence, my know-how and my experience in this field will allow me to advise you in the best possible way to develop or expand together your Specifications.

I will ask you the right questions in advance that will avoid unpleasant surprises, disappointments, and other unforeseen costs throughout the design.

Whether you have the requirement of Swiss Made, or a logic of profitability with the desire to control your costs, I will be able to provide you with the appropriate solution.


Sourcing of parts, components, and partners

Depending on the project, whether products manufactured or from natural resources sometimes it is necessary to import.
Whatever the product, source from the foreigner involves risks when there is no connection. Writing a blank check for samples you will never see, or paying excessive insurance in an attempt to protect yourself does not add value to the company. value chain of your project.

I put my skills at your service to ensure the smooth running of your project. Thus, you will be guaranteed to obtain the expected quality at fair price.

My experience is there to make you win a precious time and control your deadlines, so that your strategic decisions don't be done in a rush.

This is particularly why many renowned French and Swiss clients trust me to source a mother of pearl quality at a price corresponding to their expectations for their productions.


The board

Yes Learn from one's mistakes is motivating and positive, we agree that this learning has a cost personal and professional which can sometimes be very important in certain situations.

Thanks to my experience and my knowledge, I have an impressive number of anecdotes of projects that have been delayed, abused, abandoned, for reasons that may seem insignificant, of project managers finding themselves in absurd situations due to bad advice and hasty decision-making , poorly weighted.

You will also find some of them in the background of this site to show you that sometimes the success of a project can be played out in the course of making a decision that seems innocuous.

Working together means making sure avoid these problems that affect a number of projects.


High standards

Who says high-end watchmaking says the Helvetic flag, even if on the French side, the region of Morteau does not have to be ashamed of its expertise.
Pace your project on the label Swiss Made is not necessarily easy, you have to respond to a battery of strict criteria.

My accompaniment will allow you to define if this standard is necessary for your project, and my experience will activate the right levers in your value chain to obtain the certification, so that you can communicate about your product transparently and without the risk of being caught stolen by the Swiss Watchmaking Federation who defends his know how and his interests in the whole world.



Getting involved is not always easy.
In each project, the research and development phase is stimulating and enriching. One day comes the decision to validate large-scale production, with quantities more or less important.
Plans and photos of a product are sometimes not enough. See, feel, touch, take in charge. Your brain needs all of its senses to decide!

It is sometimes necessary to have material in hand to be able to share, and better to convince the different stakeholders. To help you, we have the possibility to put the prototype of the finished product in your hands so you can feel it. Have the certainty that it is indeed the product that meets your expectations. You can in turn put it in the hands of your employees in order to illustrate your words and obtain approval of the whole decision chain.

Do you recognize your needs and your project between its lines? 

I will tell you it's clear to what extent I am able to accompany you, if the resources of my network and our knowledge is adapted for your project.

My work is based on trust and the success projects that I support. Whether my role is highlighted or remains secret for the sake of your project, my job is to save you time and that we can achieve, together, your goal !