We are able to provide you with different tailor-made dial solutions.

You have a project ?

We can provide :

  • The dials in all variants (from the simple transferred execution to the complicated execution with mother-of-pearl background, carbon background and real diamonds set).
  • Stamped or faceted diamond hands with or without insert on the base drawings provided or existing tools, with or without Superluminova and colors on request.

Take a few minutes, contact me, and let's take the time to better understand your need.

Supply of dials:

In a few points:

  • Raw plates (brass)
  • Semi-fabricated appliques / logos, according to plans
  • Appliques / logos finished by polishing or faceting.
  • Glued appliques (stickers), thickness 0.04/0.05mm, 0.08 or 0.15mm in different colours, glossy or matt surfaces, with or without Superluminova in colors according to existing standards.
  • Mother of pearl plates

Let's bring your ideas to life